AK 3 Psychology of Doping

Leitung: Dennis Dreiskemper, Andrea PetrócziF2 (1. OG)
Als Termin in Ihren Google Kalender eintragenDonnerstag, 05. Mai 201617:00-18:30 
Westmattelmann, D., Schewe, G., Dreiskämper, D., Pöppel, K. & Strauß, B.
Trustworthiness and doping behavior from professional cyclist's point of view
Elbe, A.-M., Kavussanu, M. & Hatzigeorgiadis, A.
Psycho-social factors and doping intentions in soccer players
Dreiskaemper, D., Roewekamp, C.
Doping knowledge, doping intentions and trust of young elite track and field athletes
Vargo, E.J., Petróczi, A., Hudson, A. & Safe You Consortium.
Are supplements and enhancers staples of the athlete's diet? A qualitative exploration of attitudes towards performance and image enhancing substances.
Pöppel, K., Strauß, B. & Petróczi, A.
Doping from a societal point of view: Stuck between rejection and tolerance

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